Monday, 19 December 2011

Cool Dude

Celrà is just outside Girona and only 10 minutes away by train or 20 minutes by bus - Sarfa is the bus company. They have an excellent service with comfortable coaches. Sometimes I go by train and come back by bus, it's so easy. I don't have a car but I wouldn't drive to Girona anyway.

The Sarfa bus starts out at the bus station in Girona and then makes a stop at the Post Office - Correos - before heading for the hills. Loads of buses stop at Correos, both city buses and other companies heading for various towns around.

So I'm always very conscientious to make myself known to the Sarfa driver, usually by waving like a demented penguin in Frozen Planet, if I'm waiting at Correos, otherwise he has no idea if anyone is waiting for his bus. Everyone else assumes he will stop for them but sometimes he just pauses and then carries on if no one shows any interest. But some of the drivers probably recognise me anyway. Although it's a large company, the drivers tend to be the same and I do stand out rather as not looking terribly Spanish.

The bus then progresses to Celrà which is usually the first stop but, sometimes there is someone waiting at Sarria de Ter which is about half way. On this occasion, about a week ago, there was a chap talking on his mobile phone and not showing much interest in the bus so the driver carried on. "Stop" - "¡para!" - shouted a male passenger, "he's going to Bordils". The bus ground to a halt a little way down the road, in confusion. By this time, I had lost sight of the man but I like to imagine that he finished his call and ambled gently along the (now) 25 metres between the bus stop and where the bus sat fuming. Now that is a cool dude - there's an hour's wait for the next bus.

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