Friday, 13 April 2012

An Exhibition in Celrà

All mi Own Work

About 4 years ago, I put on an exhibition in the Civic Centre in Celrà. I called it "All mi own work" and I sold 7 paintings, including one to the Civic Centre. The original remains in the office of the Centro Cultura and 500 litho copies were printed and distributed to visiting dignitaries, including José Montillo who, at that time, was President of The Generalitat de Catalunya (the central government in Barcelona). You can see this picture on my web-site.

Admittedly most of the paintings were sold during the inauguration with wine flowing freely!

I had another exhibition in the same space during May so I thought I'd write a little bit about it.

I would rate it as a greater success than the previous one although I'm for ever being told that no one has any money. The highlight was being featured on TV during the TV3 News Feature for Comarques de Girona. I didn't see it but several people cam up to me to tell me they had. Previously I had made sure that the two main newspapers in Girona had details of the show so maybe they passed them on to TV3.

Today, three days after the show ended, I'm handing over three pictures with a value of about €200 - I sold 9 pictures in total but the big success was "A Rainy Day in Girona" which wasn't actually at the show but it is on my website and in the catalogue; either I gave it away or I lost it. So far I've sold 6 copies and given one to El Punt as a prize for their raffle as part of the TV3 "Red Nose Day" (sorry, I don't know the name of the programme). Maybe TV3 heard about me through that.

One or two people told me to make a note of what has been popular so that I can repeat the same style. Certainly, there is one oil that springs to mind, The Picnic. I must have spent days fiddling around with it but it didn't sell and isn't likely to. On the other hand, I had a simple watercolour of the cathedral and Onyar houses in Girona (ref 71) in grey and blue which I painted very quickly and I sold it quickly too!

Now I intend to continue selling my pictures, both the current catalogue and new pictures. With the summer coming up, there will be loads of visitors to Girona and, next week, I'm going to try to find somewhere to show the pictures.

Obviously one way of selling my art is to sell prints of my paintings and so I need to build up a stock or devise some way of printing to order.

The swimming pool in Celrà opens on 9th June so that will be something of a temptation and I love to go out on my bike. But I'm greatly encouraged by the exhibition. Lots of people said very nice things about my art (when they didn't have to) but I know my place in the general scale of things. But then none of my pictures is over €100!

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  1. Hope to come and see your paintings soon. Goncal