Monday, 30 January 2017

Broken laptop!

Oh, very frustrating. I think the battery in my Acer laptop has failed, it refuses to charge and there is no light to indicate charging. I checked the power supply by swapping it with another one the same. All I have now is my iPad and I hate the virtual keypad. Maybe I will write more when I get home on Wednesday.

I am back home..... Fairly rapidly I came to the conclusion that the power supply inside the computer was at fault because it would continue to work even with no battery. So the first thing I did when I got home was to pull the thing apart. and then after about 15 minutes, decided that it wasn't a good idea since I hadn't even unpacked my case. So it is lying on my desk looking rather like a car crash. I will have another look later but my priority is to catch up on my blog and complete the story of my latest visit to Ukraine (because there were others!) I finished writing about Friday which ended up in a discotheque but I think we were both rather worn out by the experience so we had a quiet day, me in the hotel and Marina at home. So, that in a sentence was Saturday. But Sunday was destined for greater things!

I suppose it will all go back together again, or will I end up with a spare organ which I don't know what to do with? I used to do this when I was young, taking televisions apart. But with no idea what anything did and certainly with no idea how to put it together again. But TVs in those days were full of all kinds of exotic objects, silver foil wrapped around metal tubes, lots of metal cans. And valves which glowed in the dark.

Latest news is that I tested the power supply which is at the top of the circuit board close to the "acer" logo. I was puzzled for a while. The cable between the socket on the right and the circuit board is OK but, when I tested the voltage at the circuit board - nothing. Ah, simple my dear Watson, the power supply has a short-circuit on its input which triggers the protection in the external power-supply and it drops to zero. So this could be expensive, I need a replacement mother-board. I will write to the Acer repair centre with a photo and ask for a quotation.


  1. Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in again? ;-)

  2. I even hit it with a large brick and it still wouldn't talk to me. Seriously, I think the computer has a power fault. Even if the battery is faulty, it should still work off the mains supply, I think.

  3. Hope there's no problem with laptop you can't demonstrate working going through security. Um. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that!

  4. Ah, maybe that is a UK thing because I've been through airport security lots of times in the last 2 months and never been asked for that. Always the computers are placed outside the bags - I think that is universal. In other words travelling anywhere in the Universe.