Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Day 2017

(a quick note... I just updated the New Year's Eve post!)
Back to 1st Jan..... After breakfast, I took a walk from the hotel to the nearest Metro station but, in fact it the was the second nearest. But, no matter, it gave me a wonderful walk across a bridge from where I took the following two photos.

After walking for about half an hour, I arrived at Cisneros Metro Station. My objective was the square with huge bronze sculptures by Botero. For that, I needed Parque Berrió which was just two quick stops on the train. The carriages are huge, about the size of the Cercanias carriages in Spain but they appear larger because there is just seating down each side with a large space in the middle. All the track is above ground in the style of the regular trains in Girona.

Here is the Metro map.

And here is one of the sculptures. There are works of art by Botero in the Museo de Antioquia but it was closed today. I´m taking an excursion tomorrow so I will come back on Tuesday morning.

I often comment about the coffee here. It is either very good or terrible! This is a coffee which I had before taking the cable cars. What you can't see is the temperature of the mixture, it is scalding hot, so I had to sit watching it for about 15 minutes. You can see the insipid colour, the scum forming on the surface. The plastic cup. There is also a short drinking straw for stirring the coffee. Have you ever seen anything so awful? And this is the norm, many places serve coffee like this.
Then I took the cable car which was incredibly cheap because it was simply part of my Metro ticket. And I had bought a re-chargeable card at the ticket office. I stayed in the cable car for the return journey and chatted with a group in the same car who were from here. I was struggling as always understanding the accent here which comes across as a kind of blur. I miss the precision of Spanish. 

On the return, from the cable car station, I took the Metro back into the centre and got off at Suramerica which is the nearest stop to the hotel. The walk was a pleasant 15 minutes. But everywhere was closed and I wanted some food. There was a bag of crisps in the min-bar. I got rather depressed this afternoon because I couldn't think what else to do. And it was my least favourite time of the day, late afternoon. And as I write this, it is about 5.30pm. I need a beer, I need something to cheer me up... or dull my senses. I am unlikely to see Alejandra next week and Nini is history. So I am not sure what I will do with my last week. Alejandra suggested a resort on the Pacific, Nuqui, which would have been wonderful. There are flights from where I am now, Medellín, but they are all full. Well the return flights are full! So I guess I will use my existing ticket to return to Pereira on Tuesday evening. I suppose I could go to Perú but that would be very expensive because travelling to the sites of interest would take up a lot of time. I don't think I can do Perú in a week!
Maybe I ought to spend some of next week thinking what I am going to do in 2017. At this moment, ningun idea. Always I look for a new project. I have lots of energy and sometimes I don't know what to do with it. I sometimes think about Nini and, in a way, gasp inside that someone can be so heartless. Like it catches my breath. It is totally beyond me. Even when I have had arguments with people, I always managed to make up, even if we end up going our own way. OK, break off regular contact with her - after all we are 5000km apart - but at least do it like adults. I wanted to know how her nursing career went in 2017. I sent her a message for a happy New Year but received no response.
And now I am completely up to date! 5.30pm on 1st January 2017. Listening to Schmidt organ music again on my Bose cans.... loudly! And I really like the little red JBL speaker which gives me music when I am doing something else.

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