Sunday, 8 January 2017

Saturday 7th - another quiet day

I didn't sleep well last night, maybe I was just over-excited after the day out yesterday and I was worried about a photo I sent to Nini quite late on Skype. I was guessing they had not gone to bed by 11.25pm and then I got paranoid that I had disturbed them. Very stupid.

I woke at about 7am today and had some breakfast. Then I went back to bed. Had another breakfast later of bacon and eggs and wrote up the post about the day at Parque del Café. Exchanged a long chat with Nini on Skype, a little tense at times because it was about a loan of money - fatal!  All of a sudden, it was 2pm, so I headed off to the swimming pool. It closes at 4pm so I took a taxi to save time.

Being a weekend, there were lots of people in the pool - it is all the same depth, about 1.5m so the whole area was occupied and it was difficult to swim seriously! That was my excuse anyway. Solution: grab a sun-lounger and a beer! And soak up the beautiful hot sun.

Later, I went to the Éxito shopping mall by Plaza Victoria, bought some food and had a tea. I hope you are not getting bored. That was my day today. I walked back home from Plaza Victoria, it is about 20 minutes.

Tomorrow I am going to see mum, Omaira, at lunch-time because she is home alone. It is great that I am in contact with her because, if I fall out with Nini again, I will still have another sano line of contact. Sano is a Spanish word but I am sure you can guess what it means!

While I was at the pool I sent a message to Alejandra suggesting meeting up before I go back on Tuesday but she replied and said that she had a severe bout of 'flu. She said she would contact me on Monday if she felt better. That would be a shame if I didn't get to see her again.

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