Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tuesday 10th - going home

I am writing this in the VIP lounge in Bogotá Airport at 7.15pm with a beer, having taken the short hop from Pereira. I am on my way home to Spain. Today was quite eventful, I will tell you about it....

The B787 Dreamliner - all set for the long journey to Barcelona.

I said previously that Alejandra had 'flu but she said that we could meet for coffee at 11am but she had to go to the medical clinic for some tests and she sent messages from time to time to say that she was still waiting to be seen. Meanwhile, I had walked to Plaza Bolivar where I bought a pair of near-view glasses the previous day - very weak, 0.5 dioptre. There was a scratch in one of the lenses and the girl promised to change them. I visited a couple of banks to ask if I could open an account simply with a passport but the two I visited said that it required a Cedula, which is the eqivalent of my Spanish ID, a NIE. Alejandra said later that some banks do allow it.

Omaira rang me while I was talking in one of the banks so I let it ring and then I called her back when I was in the street. She said that she and Nini would accompany me to the airport. She asked what time I was leaving. I said 3pm. So I got it fixed in my mind that they were coming just before 3pm. Totally wrong, they came at 1.30pm. And that was just about the time that Alejandra finally was free to meet me... maybe a little before. Around 1pm. By that time I had walked back to the apartment from Plaza Bolivar. My bags were packed and I had to check out of the apartment at 2pm.

I walked a short distance up the street, Calle 14, to a coffee bar and met Alejandra and her daughter Raquel. And, of course, while we were there, Nini and her mum were arriving at my apartment. Really, Nini should have used Skype to fix a time rather than have her mum ring me. And yesterday, Nini sent a message which was rather like, bye-bye. So I wasn´t expecting to see her.

But had I understood their plans better, I would not have been able to see Alejandra and by now you have probably realised that I have a little bit of a soft spot for her. We chatted over coffee. She explained the snags about my lending money to Nini. And as we walked back down to my apartment at about 1.30, I suggested we all go up there, collect my bags and put them in Reception. We must have missed Nini and her mum by minutes. How odd is that?!

Then I was free to 3pm and I took Alejandra and Raquel to a rather classy restaurant about 10 minutes walk away. The food was very odd. We all chose starters, partly because we didn't have much time. Alejandra had a fishy dish, Raquel had pulpo (octopus) and I chose lomo which to me is like a pork chop. But it came in small red circles of meat. It was marinated, not cooked. Raquel had enormous difficulty fighting with the octopus. It was her first pulpo, so her mum helped her cut it.

We walked back up the road and parted company because Alejandra had to go back to the clinic. We hugged warmly. I asked her out for a date in February. She said yes. I know that is crazy but if we lived closer, that is what I would want to do. Maybe she will read this - I like her lots.

I arrived back at the apartment just before 3pm expecting to find Nini and her mum there but somehow I had got a completely false picture in my mind. I do that sometimes, I create a scenario. I tried phoning Omaira but, despite doing so earlier, all I got was three bleeps. I waited till 3.10 and then took a taxi to the airport.

By the way, earlier I had said goodbye to Milena and she shows all the signs of being a little bit enamorado with me, I hope her husband doesn't see all those kiss emojis. I gave her 200 mils for being a great friend and support. It was easy to do, I had 250 mils in my wallet and I realy don't know when I will be back. So I left myself with 50 and gave the rest to her. I don't need any money in the airport and very soon I will be spending euros again.

I took the short flight from Pereira to Bogotá and that just about brings me up to date. It is 8pm now and the flight is at 9.20pm. It arrives in Barcelona around 1pm local time.

Another beer? Yeah, why not!

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