Thursday, 5 January 2017

Weds 4th - back "home"

This will be a very short post because on Wednesday I was simply happy to be back in Pereira! I don't even have a photo to show you.

I had to go to Parque Arborleda to change a jumper that I had bought in Bershka (yes., there is one here too!) It was one size too big and, in any way, it had some small rust-coloured stains which had obviously been there for a long time. So I had no trouble obtaining a refund - they didn't have my size but I made a note of the reference number so maybe I can buy it when I return to Spain. I went to the Claro phone shop to recharge my SIM and I had some lunch in the food hall on the top floor. I returned home mid-afternoon.

The supermarket in Arbordeda is much better than the one in la 14, the meat selection is better and they have wine at a sensible price, about 10 mils. Half the price of la 14.

And that is about it for the 4th! I'm considering going back to Medellín because there is a lot that I missed on the Tuesday, due to the need to check out of the hotel and meeting the Colombian family. It is only 80 euros return but the cheapest flights don't fit very well with my schedule. I would take an early flight, travel very light and go directly to the city centre, going to the hotel later. Then I would have almost all of the followind day free.

I am writing this on the morning of Thursday 5th, so I can decide this evening. Today I plan to go swimming. I am happy to consider my last days here in Pereira like normal days in Girona. Just doing simple things. I really intended to going back to writing my novel which starts with the story of my life but then gets twisted into fantasy (Not that kind of fantasy!)

Now for my second breakfast with bacon and eggs. The bacon here is somewhere between English back bacon and the streaky stuff in Spain. It is quite nice! As in Girona, I wake up really early around 5am, have some tea and then go back to bed.

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