Friday, 3 February 2017

Pole Dance Fashion Shoot

As you have maybe gathered, Marina loves posing for photos! She wants to be a model and I want to be the photographer who discovers her. We each have a profile on One thing we had planned ahead was to book a pole-dance studio - Marina is very keen on pole-dancing which wrongly has a reputation for seedy night-clubs. It is nothing at all like that, it requires fitness and poise.

We started by taking what she called "snap-shots" which to a photographer is an insult because it suggests badly taken seaside "snaps". But that is the name they use. The idea is that she posed in a black bikini which to me appeared similar to underwear but I felt better when she said it was a bikini.

The pictures were rather like mug-shots but of the whole body - from different angles. Full length and also portraits.

After taking about 150 pictures, we switched to pole-dance and I took loads of photos of her doing various exercises which she was looking up on her phone. In total, I think she was doing this for about 2 hours with a break in between and I was hugely impressed by the energy she was putting into it. She was determined to get one of two of the difficult moves right, expending a lot of effort.

Later it started to get dark and the camera flash started to fire which gave an interesting selection of photos, some in natural light and some with Marina outlined. I prefer natural light to flash every time.

Then we went back to the hotel and I ordered some tea for the room. Marina changed back into a black outfit, moved a book-case and we started taking photos again. I though these were terrific, she looks wonderful and the lighting, from a huge chandelier is a photographer's dream. We had a meal in Abajor, the hotel restaurant, and Marina went home by taxi. As far as I remember, I went back for another glass of wine after seeing her off!

Below is one of the photos we took later in the hotel. By the way, the camera I was using was a Nikon D7100 digital SLR at 13 MPx. ISO set to 800 ASA. Later I upped it to 6400 ASA when the light faded and also in the hotel. Most of the photos were about 1/100 sec at 5.6. The camera can shoot up to a resolution of over 20MPx but the file size is very large and the resolution probably exceeds that of the lens! And certainly it exceeds the 600 dpi of a printer if we are talking about A3 or smaller. 13 MPx is roughly equivalent to printing an A4 page at 600 dpi. But obviously the requirements for display on a computer screen are far less so, for the web, I tend to save the photos at 72 dpi with a typical horizontal resolution of about 800-1000 pixels depending on whether the photo is portrait or landscape format. More than that is a waste of internet bandwidth! I use the "Save for Web" function in Photoshop.

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