Sunday, 28 May 2017

Going Home... but some work to do!

Tuesday morning, I woke early and after breakfast, took the Metro and tram down to the Confluence where I met Jerry, the sound guy, at church. They have two speakers very high up at the front but there is nothing we can do about that because they are part of the installation of the church. And the church is borrowed from the Roman Catholic Church. The sound would be much better if they were lower down. People's voices sound ethereal and un-worldly, maybe that was the intention!  The rest of the gear is mounted in a small trolley and is owned by the church.

I made various recommendations and we went through all the gear which included three wireless microphones. I suggested getting a small clip-on electret microphone for Ben, the priest. In general, they were using the microphones too close to the mouth the result of which is an increase in low frequencies and a subsequent lack of intelligibility. 

After our meeting, I went back to my hotel to check out and then I wandered around Bellecour before taking the Metro to the station at Part Dieu. The photo shows us waiting for the platform to be displayed.

The train is a Spanish AVE which makes the journey between Barcelona and Lyon every day. The journey takes about 4 hours, 20 minutes. Between Brive and Perpignan, the train trundles along at the same speed of all the other trains because France has not built a high-speed track to connect Perpignan with the track to Marseilles and Nice. I think they are doing that now. It has an engine at each end which would be sufficient to pull (and push) the 18 carriages of a Eurostar train but this AVE has only 8 carriages, so it appears rather over-powered. It was designed for the TGV Atlantique, built by Alsthom in France.

The journey was pleasant and the time passed very easily. I arrived back in Girona just before 7pm, in time for my Meetup group in Plaça de la Independencìa. So I will end with a photo from the meetup! You can see that it is authentic because my suitcase is parked over on the right!

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