Monday, 15 May 2017

Kharkiv English Speaking Club

Thursday was another day on my own. I started all these days with a large capuchino coffee and cherry tart in McDonald's Café in Ave Plaza, about 10 minutes walk from Hotel19 in Sumskya Street.

I went to Karavan shopping mall and got rather bored - all the same shops as in Girona!

Thursday evening I went to another English conversation group which Marina had attended from time to time. Much larger and less formal, in Puzata Khata which is a country-wide chain of fast food restaurants. Better quality than places like McDonald's. There were about 20 young people there with a young girl, Kate, organising things. I ended up wedged between other people at a long table and felt rather trapped. There was a word quiz and some words I couldn't think of, partly because I am stupid and partly because I have forgotten some of my English words. In one case, I could think of the Spanish word but not the English one!

After about an hour, I wanted to escape so I left. But I couldn't find my jacket (I had put it in my bag) and I went back to the group. But then there was another group at a table with another of Kate's exercises, talking about news. This was much better and I stayed for a long time. 

Recently I introduced Black Stories to my Meetup group and I said to Kate that I would send her a copy. It is a box of cards with cartoons depicting a macabre situation and the people have to guess how it came about.


  1. Privet Steve! So glad you got back to Kharkiv this month :) :) :) Always nice to read about your experiences there!

    1. Katherine! We are both lovers of Kharkiv! I'm sorry to take such a long time replying to your comment. As soon as I got back home from Ukraine, I was off to Paris. Now I'm in Lyon. I'm writing about it! I read your blog too!

  2. Oh, maybe I wasn't slow replying. I think I got my dates mixed up!