Monday, 15 May 2017

They want to visit Girona!

Friday was a day off for Marina and she came to see me but she was very late. She planned to arrive at 1pm but actually arrived at 2pm. She had given me a USB flash drive which was faulty and I used a recovery program to read the data. But there was a 1GB limit of data that could be recovered before a cost of $65 was incurred. Up to that point, it is free.

Marina had a class at 4pm and she seriously ran out of time while we were discussing which files to restore. We went for a meal in Abajour and as 3.30pm approached, we asked the staff to ring the hotel reception and call a a taxi. When we went out into the street, we couldn't see it and Marina grabbed a taxi which happened to be parked outside the hotel. After her class, she went home and I .... I can't remember what I did!

On Saturday, the same group met again and this time Marina came. But only for a short time. She explained later that she had a headache. I had a great time. We started with a word game again and sooon after Marina left, we moved to another part of the restaurant and this time the group was following another theme about relationships. I wish Marina had been there. Typical questions were, what do you most like about people, what do you dislike... etc. This made for a very interesting conversation.

I rather took to one girl who was very outspoken. But I like that! Far better than saying one thing but thinking another. She was slightly self-deprecating. She called herslf a "snob". I said that I was a snob also. I think the word, snob is the same in many languages. I was asked what I thought about Ukrainian guys. I said that they came across as rather shy and reserved in the face of all those beautiful Ukrainian girls who seemed to exude confidence. The girls agreed. Of course!

I had a beer any joined yet another group. But now a thought was occuring to my friends. They were very interested in my life in Spain and we started talking about the possibility of a group visit to Girona. This seemed like a fantastic idea. Ukrainians will have visa-free entry to the Schengen Zone of EU from June. So several of the group took down my contact details. Let's see what happens!  

Marina sent me the photos which are from the group's Facebook or VK page.

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