Thursday, 5 October 2017

Moving Money

Something which I never imagined would happen may actually occur, a unilateral declaration of independence. Possibly on Monday.

They got their referendum. So, all the court hearings, declarations by the Tribunal Constitutional, even the intervention of the Guardia Civil were as nothing aganist the determination of people who want independence (or at least the opportnunity to choose it)

I have been moving my savings out of Catalunya and into the main part of Spain but I'm reluctant to appear as though I am panicking. I went to see my bank manager at "la Caixa" this morning which is where all my regular transactions take place. He explained to me that CaixaBank has a vast web of branches all over Europe so it is not just in Catalunya. But he offered me an account in any city in Spain and I chose Valencia. And that is where I would go to live if things got bad here.

So I am creating an account there, but partly it is a kind of protest at the high-handed way that the Parliament is taking me on a roller-coaster ride out of Europe. It is a statement.

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