Thursday, 19 October 2017


I updated this post from home in Spain on Wednesday. 

I think maybe my friends in the UK are worried about what is happening in Catalunya is filling the pages of the international press. I am getting that sick feeling in my stomach again.

Wednesday (18th) I checked out of my hotel in Kharkiv and Marina came with me to the airport, we spent a short time together before she had to go to teach and then I went through security. The flight was less than an hour and I was soon in Ligena Hotel in Boryspil. The hotel lays on a shuttle bus from the airport.

On Thursday (19th), I go to Kyiv to take a train to Nezhin, to see Marta....
After the night in Ligena Hotel I took the hotel shuttle bus back to the airport (about 15 minutes)...... The bus arrives at the top floor of the terminal building which is International Departures. I passed through the security at the entrance - it is strange to be here but not catching my regular flight to Barcelona, that will be on Tuesday. I took the escalator down to the ground floor and took the Sky Train into town. 

Here I am at the Central Station waiting for a train to see a girl who I have never met in person! I sent this to her on Skype. She noted my blue finger-nails!

About Catalunya, I am truly scared at what will happen. Companies are leaving in droves. A man in business who voted for independence has just lost a big client in Germany. Now the reality of the reckless drive for independence is coming home. For a very long time, the independistas have been in denial about Catalunya automatically leaving the European Union. Now it is beyond doubt and there will be some very ashen faces among businesses which expected to continue trading freely in the EU.
Maybe today, Mariano Rajoy will trigger Article 155 but what if the Parliament in Barcelona physically prevents it? Or if a large crowd blocks the Parliament Building. In any case, I predict violent demonstrations in the streets because the chances are that Carles Puigdemont will be arrested for sedition.

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  1. Concerned. Impossible to believe this can be happening.