Friday, 1 December 2017

A Disco

A year ago, I was writing about Nini, my friend in Colombia. And we had one spectacular argument in Cartagena de Indias because I insisted she return to the hotel with the tour rather than stay alone at a disco.
Last night there was a disco in an open sports area near to the port, part of a local fiesta but I had checked it out the previous evening and the sound level at the low frequencies was horrendous, far in excess of anything I have experienced before. I went reluctantly but, at the entrance, I kept on advising that it could damage hearing. Nomel would not accept this advice and even quoted a trike driver nearby, "He says it is OK". Not wanting to make too much about my years in TV as a sound engineer, I have to admit this wound me up greatly and I was angry with him. He got moody with me. We all went into the disco area (remember, this was outdoors). We took a table and I put ear plugs in. The beat, an artificially low thump assailed my body, I could feel the sound inside me and it almost threw me back in my chair. It was quite unbelievable. I stuck it for about 10 minutes and then left with mum. We went to a small disco near to the resort where we are staying. We were there the previous night, I will post some photos later. There were two young girls (hehe, real girls!) who worked there, dancing erotically with lots of wiggling bottoms. They were so beautiful. Mila and I drank beer and danced. But little by little we became anxious about the two ladyboys, Nomel and Joshua. We were hoping they would accept that the outdoor disco was all that I feared but they never came back to the mini-disco. Mila and I walked back to the resort. She was in contact with Nomel but at midnight they still had not returned. I will explain, the port area is not very far from the resort, I guess a walk of about 25 minutes but it was dark and we usually took a trike. At 12.30, I fell asleep and woke at 1.30am to see the bed still empty. I phoned Nomel, "Where are you?" They were still at the port area waiting for transport.
In the end, they arrived back with apologies at 2am having walked down the dark street through the woods, not a good idea. I was rather annoyed inside, but not to them. We quickly fell asleep. This is a dilemma, I felt responsible for them although I was with mum, for two reasons. One the seriously damaging sound levels and also the fact that we had left two young not terribly sensible people at a disco. Of course the usual response is, "We are not children". I guess my response would be to say, "Then act like adults!"

Unfortunately I am tending to rise to bait when Nomel attempts to score points off me, I think it is a kind of competition with him. At breakfast, I suggested an island tour next day which was posted in the bar areas. Nomel said, "Nooo. We were going with a friend of my mum. Maybe you forgot". This wound me up but maybe I should ignore it and put it down to "lost in translation" but even allowing for that, it was rather patronising. Or maybe you, dear reader, are thinking I am being too sensitive. This led to an argument because I said that he was always doing it, attempting to score points, but we made up soon afterwards. We are going on the boat trip which I have organised, I wanted to lay on the excursion myself, I prefer it that way. And anyway, it is not expensive. I will take lots of photos!
After lunch I went for a walk taking a few photos. Nomel and Joshua wanted to rent a motorbike so I said, "Well, you can!" But they wanted me to join them. It took a lot of persuading to explain that I was very happy in the resort, I had ordered some tea and I had plans for another painting. Oh, I didn't say, I did a watercolour of a boat parked on the beach, gave it to the staff here and they put it up in the bar. When Nomel, Joshua and mum disappeared, I was a little worried whether Nomel could handle the bike so it was a motive to join them. I think they wanted me to drive but I don't like the roads here, full of potholes and a variety of strange wheeled transport coming in the other direction, bikes with sidecar, trikes, small motorcycles.... and very few cars!


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