Friday, 30 December 2016

The night of 28th. A Party... but not for me!

The night of 28th was a slight disaster with a party in a social area almost next to my apartment.  At about 10pm the music and chatting started up. I guess I could have gone to bed with my wax earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones. But in a mood of protest, I packed my bag and checked into the Top Deck Hotel across the road.

I took a photo of the party from the steps of the hotel, noise blasting out. Hey, it is a residential area.. not tonight mate. Tough luck.

 I ordered a glass of wine and sat in reception to unwind a little. Finally the guy in reception took me to my room. He gave me his biro to sign for the items in the mini-bar which included two condoms. I don't think I will be needing those tonight. The room was very pleasant and I took one or two photos before going to bed. After about 20 minutes, there was a gentle tap on the door. The reception guy had returned to ask for his biro which he had left by the min-bar. It has his name carefully sellotaped to the barrel. I found this hilarious and asked him if the hotel had only one biro. Maybe he had to sign for it in triplicate when he got the job.

Then I did go to sleep but didn't sleep very well. Next morning I attempted to understand the spaceship which was the shower. I don't think hotels should give their bleary-eyed guests IQ tests at 6am. I just want a big knob which I turn.

I turned on or two controls and played with the flexible shower head. Maybe it was for speaking to reception, "dive, dive". If you look closely, you may guess what happened next. I worked out how the main control worked and took a shower. But unbeknown to me, the flexible shower head was showering the bathroom, so I stepped out into a bathroom awash with water. Can you see? I left the shower-head pointing into the bathroom but the screen is not high enough to prevent the water flooding the bathroom. And a little of the bedroom also.

"To save the planet, please hang towels which you want to re-use on the rails". I left all the towels on the floor soaking up the water! I had breakfast and then went back to my apartment. Milena had heard that I went to the hotel and she was sad. I had a chat with Katarina in the Elite Rentar office. But they only manage 8 flats in the building so they had not idea the party was about to happen. I said that maybe the building administrator could offer me a small apology. Some hope! I know Colombians like to party but courtesy is understood around the whole world. I know I sound pompous. Maybe I will change the text later. But in general, the people are very charming and pleasant. And my head swells when they compliment me on my Spanish.

Next I will write about a trek in the jungle. Nooo, it wasn't exactly like that. The 29th.

Tomorrow, Friday 31st, I go to Medellín so I will have to do some catching up then!

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