Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Day

A very Merry Christmas to my friends who are reading this blog!


Today, my lunch is bacon and eggs. And I just fell out with my other friend, the one who was sending messages late at night. That is pretty good going, falling out with two friends in the space of one night!

Fortunately I have a bottle of JP Chenet Cabernet-Syrah to lessen the pain. But ii doesn't go very well with eggs and bacon. For that I guess I need a Chardonnay. Or a cup of tea, but I'm not in the mood for that! The wine is about 10 euros here, 3 euros in Perpignan. But it's simpler I guess to go to la 14 rather than take a flight to France, it is closer.

May I ask you something? If you love someone, then sometimes you worry about them, yes? Especially if things are not going well. For sure you care for them. For example if they are female, young and they send garbled messages late at night about not being sure how to get home, drunk girls, and then there is silence, well it is natural to worry. 

The person in question got upset that I was worrying about her. I explained that it is the cost of being loved (of me loving her). The alternative is not to be loved, much simpler. And, suddenly, this morning the relationship (of 2-3 years) was fractured, maybe fatally. I am sure you know that I am talking about loving someone, not being in love. That is quite different. Love is what happens between friends. Hey, this blog is getting very maudlin and personal. Maybe next week it will revert to being a travelogue again.

Where is the JP Chenet! I think another blast of Schmidt organ music is in store, very loud on my Bose cans!

Wow! I will have lots to tell Milena, my agony aunt, tomorrow. She won't have any time actually to clean the apartment!
I made up with my friend in Europe very rapidly, she is very sweet. She just didn't realise that I was worried about her. Solucionado!


  1. The Frisky Geezer, dear readers, is a very good friend! Two friends in fact, a couple. Steve

    1. We're negotiating for sale of the name to Steve, who deserves it more than we ever did. He could be our poster child!

    2. I would wear it with pride! Noooo, it's yours!