Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday 12th - the Circus comes to town!

More shopping! I promised to buy Nini clothes for our visit to Caratgena on Thursday and we ended up in Falabella which rather like H&M or Bershka (there is a Bershka here but it is quite expensive).

Nini bought a beautiful white dress, the material quite thin. Many men are expert on womens' clothes so I made sure she bought  a white bra to wear under it! We bought a bikini and a black dress to wear over it. When I say "Nini bought", I am sure you know what I mean. More about that dress later, in Cartagena!

In the evening we went to a circus which was in town during December. Nini and Sofia and mama, and Luisa with her two children. While we were queueing to go in, a woman and a small child offered us two promotional tickets but I was sure it was a little scam, nothing too serious. Something like 2 euros. I have forgotten what I paid for our whole group but it probably would have bought one ticket to the circus it the UK!

The show had some good acts but one act went on far two long. But it was quite impressive. There were two brothers in smart grey suits (would you buy a car from this man?), one in the arena looking away and the other interviewing members of the audience. The brother in the arena was able to describe the audience member but also their date of birth. Well, I believe in miracles but I don't believe anyone can tell when I was born. But for sure I don't know how they did it.

During the interval, one of the men did palm-reading for 10 mils (3,50 euros). Nini, Luisa and mama went for it but I don't want some guy telling me what will happen in the future, I like to think that I have a measure of control over that. In other words, I don't believe in fate.

After the show, I was to take a taxi back to the apartment and the family planned to take a bus back home - in the opposite direction. But, three small children? And the circus half way along Avenida de las Americas, out of town. Nooo, I gave them money for a taxi!

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