Monday, 19 December 2016

Sunday 11th - Cuba. No, not that Cuba!

Cuba is a suburb of Pereira and it is close to where Nini and her family live. It's where they do most of their shopping. So we spent much of the day wandering around the town, we bought shoes for one or two of the family as Christmas presents. And apart from the, there is not much to say about the day! Sorry! I will write more when it comes to mind.

Taxis are very cheap and the drivers very friendly. And most ask me what I think about Colombia. But it is a question tinged with pride, because all the Colombians that I meet have pride in their country. And my aswer is always very positive, I like Colombia a lot, the people in general are cheerful and friendly. For sure there are places not to visit but, in general it is like any other city in the world.

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