Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The 26th - in the UK it is called Boxing Day

I am afraid to say that there is almost nothing to tell you about today. How boring! Haha, read later. It is part-cloudy, very warm, about 25c as usual. I contacted my abogado friend and suggested going out somewhere. I said that I might go to Medellin for the weekend, the New Year. She gave me all kinds of suggestions where I could find beautiful women. I am not quite sure what she meant by that. I said that I found women of her age attractive, dropping a hint that she was attractive to me. In fact I think I even said so directly! She said women maybe even younger.

I took this photo on the morning of the 27th but I put it here because this post lacked a photo! Low cloud over the hills surrounding Pereira, very spectacular! Alejandra told me the name for these clouds but I fogot. I will ask her again!

But the main news for today is a total bust up with Nini. I guess I knew this would happen all along but it hurts all the same.

But there are many things that don't add up. For most of the time, there was no act. I am sure I was genuinely helping her. A lot of the time, she was very pleasant to me in a natural way, for example when her daughter was in tow. She showed me where she lived before she had to move in with mum. And they live an extremely basic life in a very small house. I believe that I helped her finish her nursing college. Without that, she would not have been able to do so. Her mum is really nice and genuine, and plump. She knows what her daughter is like. But she confirmed that I enabled her to finish the college. And I believe her. Nini tonight insulted me enormously in Skype chat. Talking about my stupid English accent, the stupid toys we bought, that I am old. Haha, I am 73 and very happy still to be here, in good health. Hey, chica, my Spanish is better than your English!

It is no good saying that she is toast, she toasted me first! I am toast! 

Now I don't know what to do, maybe go to Medellín. But the simple pleasures of the beach attract me in Cartagena. It is 8pm as I write this so maybe I will feel more positive in the morning. I now have two more weeks here and I plan to enjoy them. But one of my plans here was to write my novel. So I may sit down and really concentrate on that. I'm not really in the mood for going anywhere. I really like this apartment, overlooking the bus station with its twirling roads leading up to it. A helter-skelter of roads.

Now I'm going to cook some supper.

Maybe you can help me, dear reader! I said to Nini that I would go and visit the children this week for whom I bought Christmas presents. The trip that was aborted with an argument before boarding a jeep (Nini delivered the presents alone). I can do that, I would like to do that. But the community is right next to the finca where her sister lives. I can hardly go that far out into the country without visiting Luisa and Didier. Didier was especially kind and grateful to me on the 24th.

But then I don't want to split the family. It would be nice to visit them because they have always been very kind to me. I am in serious need of a little bit of love at the moment. Maybe I will think about it in the morning. Nini has hurt me, but no way do I want to hurt her in return by creating tension in the family. 

So should I just close all contact with the family?

....I woke next day and decdided that it would be best not to get in touch with the family. And I read back the transcript of the Skype chat yesterday and placed it in a Word document because, to me it is an interesting insight into a person. She strikes me as very disturbed inside, it is not simply that she wanted my money. By her own admission, she has berrinches, tantrums. Haha, normally reserved for young children who want sweets at the supermarket checkout (or maybe she does that too!)

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