Saturday, 31 December 2016

The 30th - swimming!

Today was a day on my own. In the morning I chatted to Milena and then took the 39 bus to Cuba. I wandered around, had a coffee where the jeeps depart for places out in the country. I was tempted to jump on the one going to La Selva, the area with the finca and the children. That idea didn't last very long!

I planned to go swimming. So I caught a taxi to the pool which Alejandra told me about. I thought it was open in the mornings but, again when I arrived it was closed. I got slightly frustrated with a security guy because nowhere on the internet could I see opening hours. I walked away but another guy who was working nearby told me about the smaller pool. He led me to it, a bout a 10 minute walk. Perfect! The regular 25m in length and not many people there. I apologised later to the security guy because it's not his fault. But he could have told me about the other pool, I suppose.

Relations with Nini are descending into enormous acrimony - but one-sided. In Skype chat. In the face of a torrent of abuse, I try to be polite, speak sense. I simply cannot understand why she is so angry with me, she hates me. When I have been so kind to her. It is totally beyond my limited little brain. Sometimes she goes on about my leaving the party on 24th early like it was a hanging offence. Hey get a life. It's not as though I killed their pet or smashed their priceless Ming vase. A total cut-off is approaching. You may wonder why I give her so many column inches. I think it makes an interesting story. About people, relationships. I regret nothing, I would do the same again. She needs the money but I guess she feels humiliated receiving it. And that burns inside her. I try to understand. 

Because this blog is public, I try to avoid any direct criticism, "bad mouthing", "slagging off" are two ugly English phrases. I don't want to do that and sometimes I check back in the blog to make sure I have remained within these boundaries. I simply try to describe what has happened and let you come to your own conclusions. That is allowed!

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