Thursday, 1 December 2016

To Colombia

In a few days, on 5th December, I am going to Colombia. This is a huge adventure for me and I will write about it here. I will post reports.....  and photos of course!

I am visiting a young friend, Nini, in Pereira. The city is about 300km west of Bogotá. I paid for her to finish her course at nursing college. Otherwise I think she would not have been able to do that. We met online so I have never met her in person. And this will be my first time in South America.

I am not staying with her, I have rented an apartment. But I have been invited to spend Christmas with her family which will be wonderful!

I send her money. The balance in my bank gains virtually nothing in interest so it is far better to do something positive with it. I do the same with my two other friends, one in the Philippines and one in Ukraine. It is like having a little family of three. I was married a long time ago but I have no children. The age difference is such that I am somewhere between father and grandfather. If I had real children, they would be middle-aged by now - what an awful thought!

So I live a kind of fantasy with my little family of three. I am 73 but I feel much younger, in fact I don't even want to put a number on it. It has no meaning. I went to see Nomel in Manila last year in November and I visit Ukraine quite frequently. But now I am going to meet Nini. And I will write about it here!

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