Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tuesday 20th - a day at leisure

This was one of my "free" days as Nini was busy, but we had to sort out the costs of the 24th which we did by WhatsApp chat. I think tour companies call this a "day at leisure". In other words, do what you want instead of visiting monuments!

There is very little else to say about today. I have food poisoning which is either the trout which I cooked in the microwave (unlikely because I am sure it was cooked) or else it was the fast food in Pereira Airport when we arrived from Cartagena. Oh well, these things happen, I don't feel too bad. Give it a couple of days and I will be fine. By the way, the water in the tap here is guaranteed to be pure so I don't have to take all those precautions about ice in drinks.

Amazing! I am actually writing this at the end of the day that is featured in this post! So I am finally up-to-date. I took a photo just now, the bus station and the city - at 9pm.

I will cook some chicken now.

Not quite the standard of kitchen I am used to! Maybe you can see, there is an enormous breast of chicken. I think Colombians eat more chicken than the rest of the world. The meat counters are incredibly limited. No lamb, disaster for me. The potatoes are great! Like small new potatoes in the UK.

Tomorrow Nini and Sofia are coming to my apartment and we will be wrapping all the toys that we bought last week. But we will have to take care to hide Mini Mouse from her. Not so mini, actually! Bigger than her.


  1. Is that all bran going on the chicken?

  2. haha, very funny Louise! I will try that some time. Crispy Chicken! I am so bored with chicken everywhere, I would do anything to bring a little variety! Any more suggestions dear readers for making chicken more exciting??