Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Headline

This will be a very short post! I read the (very large) headline in El Punt Avui this morning and it took my breath away for its hypocrisy.

Abús de llei

You will be correct if you guess it means, Abuse of law. It refers to the attempts by the Government to block the planned referendum on October 1st. Then breaking the law by creating the referendum is not abuse of the law?
It amazes me! Very many people read this newspaper but it is totally biased.
Rafa Nadal made the point that we cannot choose which laws to obey because we like them and reject the ones we disagree with. But that is what is happening here!
Now for a little bit of moderation. I am all for that! .........
I read an article this morning in El País in English which describes the people who are trapped between the two opposite camps. Many people are uncomfortable about possible heavy-handed measure to prevent the referendum by confiscating ballot papers for example. And people like me are shocked by what has happened in the Parliament in Barcelona which clearly rejects the law which they are supposed to respect.

There was another thought that I had but I don't know the answer. When a mayor is sworn in to office, surely he or she promises to uphold the law. But very many mayors are rejecting the law as handed down by the Fiscalia and the TC by promising to provide facilities for the referendum.
I was watching TV3 a few minutes ago with scenes from a raid by the Guardia Civil and my heart sinks when I see these macho guys standing outside a print shop, all wearing shades, arms folded like they are straight out of The Godfather. It is so dumb!
OK, I said that it would be a short post! Now I will have some lunch!

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