Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Back to Redwoods

A quick update, Wednesday morning....... (I may add to this post during the day).

We spent a lot of time last night arranging transport back to Nomel's home for the two matresses and also a washing machine which I bought for mum in the shopping mall next to the apartments. Previously she has washed clothes for a family of 6 by hand. And if you think that I am spending an awful lot of money on them you will be right. But the washing machine, made in the USA, appeared to be good quality and it was only 8,000 pesos which is about 120 euros. And I am having much fun for my money. It's my holiday too, and people spend lots of money on holiday especially if they go as a family. And this is my "family". And we always share a hotel room so the cost is not much greater that if I was on my own.
Nomel was inisting on a twin-tub with air drying but I said that twin-tub was very old fashioned and air drying was a falacy (there is no heater to drive out the water). It just passes air through the clothes. I drew a washing line and said, "That's air drying"! So, after a futile search in Lazada Online, I went down to the mall and found exactly what I was looking for: single top-loading machine, fully automatic. No dragging wet clothes from one tub to the other. 
Nomel often takes himself too seriously and I pull his leg sometimes about it. He needs to lighten up a bit, maybe a few days on a beach will do that. He blames it on the hormones he is taking. Sometimes I joke and say that maybe he is having a period.

So, what I am saying is that I decided to stay one more night in Grass Residences because, by the time Mum, Nomel and Joshua departed it was getting late and my number one priority was a beer! So, this morning I am going for a swim, then I will go to Redwoods which is the apartment which I booked originally. And they will come to join me. And tonight, if I am lucky, I will get a bed!

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