Monday, 22 January 2018

No water!

I was lucky! Last night before the party, I had a shower and I was just about to turn off the water when it did it for me! Any earlier and I would have had hair full of shampoo!
And that marked the moment when a large part of the city of Pereira lost its water supply with a failure in a 24 inch pipe. As I write this on Sunday evening, it is not due to be restored for two or three days. There are groups of people in the streets waiting for a visiting water truck. Update Monday morning: The water supply has been restored. I looked it up in El Tiempo, the national newspaper of Colombia. It showed a photo of the pipe.
One of our neighbours had a contact with a police finca outside the city where we could all have a shower. So we all spent the day there. It is where they keep their horses as you can see from the photos. We shared lunch which was left over from the party last night. We managed to buy some drinking water on the way there at a greatly inflated price and Adrian, the owner, has given me a big container of water for my apartment. I have lots of drinking water and most of the water that I consume is in the form of tea! So I can use the water in the container for that, it is the same as the tap water. I think my friends panicked somewhat, thinking it would be a long haul. It made a nice day out but I would have preferred to spend it relaxing at home after getting to bed at 4am! I have just attached lots of photos to provide a narrative of the day.

 Here is another photo from the party!

 The police provided horse rides for visitors but I felt lazy! I was super-tired!

A bamboo forest!

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