Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Update... and lots of photos!

The loss of a second phone in the space of one month, I really could not make it up. I retraced the same route this evening, this time compos-mentis.It was very clear where I was. I know the route through cycling it. Nini explained that taxi drivers go by districts, not roads but I couldn't remember the name of the district, Idalia (Barrio is district in Spanish). I don't think my driver could read a map. I was in a terrible state last night, possible virus, jet-lag, super tired after the party. Today, I am more or less my normal self! That one word would have saved me €180.
Today, we went to the centre of Pereira on the Megabus which I said was almost like a train on tyres but it's more like a ride in Disneyland, hang on tight! Alexander had his physiotherapy and Nini and I did some shopping, one or two things for me.
The problem with Airbnb is resolved now and it is crazy! When I extended the reservation to 2 months I paid €500 to Airbnb thinking it was a contribution to the rent, but not so. It went as "Additional Services" which is why they are still claiming money for the rent. The contact at Airbnb kept on talking about my making  "direct payments" to the owner (directamente in Spanish) and that means one thing only to me. So I thought they were accusing me of making a cash payment. None of their accounting appears to show the two classes of payment. Had they done so, I would have seen it immediately. Anyway, all is resolved, the owner will reimburse me the €500 and then he will receive a payment for the second month on 28th January. What a kerfuffle!!
I bought the TV, a Samsung smart TV with wifi and TDT- 32" I bought an indoor aerial and wall mounting and the signal is fine providing we keep the aerial close to the window. The free digital channels are not brilliant but I am sharing my Netflix login with them, I just sent it this evening.
I also bought a strip of white LEDs for the kitchen work-top. I went back with them because I wanted to see how it looked. I stayed for a short while and then came back here for some supper. The bus journeys are pretty horrendous, the roads are very bad but the drivers make very little concession to that. It is a big problem if I am to live here. Often one has to hang on with two hands if one is standing (frequent!) and some of the jarring is shocking! I was thinking that maybe that it is what it is like travelling in a tank over rough terrain, the engine growling. The bus engine growls, I have decided. I like that word.

As promised, here are some photos from the party. Nini was wearing the coulotte that I bought her. For a guy that is a special kind of pleasure! In the shop, before she put it on, I thought it was a little on the small side. Haha, maybe you agree. Hey, but she looks great! What an amazing adventure into human relations this is!

Correction..... My Colombia phone number is +57 310 272 3797 for WhatsApp. Sorry, I published the wrong number earlier. 

I love this photo!

I was kneeling so that I could hear what she was saying
so then it turned into a joke about proposing!

I danced with her a lot! I thought she was very sexy,
her expressions when we danced!



  1. You've reminded me of the buses in Puerto Vallarta where, as you know, we lived a few years back. PV streets are paved with cobblestones and the buses have no perceivable suspension, plus the driver collects fares, makes change, shifts a standard transmission, and ... as he must ... drives, all simultaneously. You can feel every cobblestone but you're rarely interested, given your petrifying fear of Death By Bus. OTOH, musicians often board the bus, children (especially) are friendly, and the buses -- which have no schedule -- usually arrive every ten minutes or so. Your photos make me yearn for the tropics.

  2. Hi Frisky! I am sure you miss Puerto Vallarta! The buses are very well organised here, proximity cards to travel. But the roads.... oh boy!!

  3. By a strange coincidence, I took it in my mind to pick The Limelighters in Spotify. Partly because I remember a phrase in a song, "... I don't mind at all because I had a crazy swinging ball". I was thinking about the loss of my phone. And the next track is Puerta Vallarta!!