Friday, 9 February 2018

Bogotá - more photos from Friday!

Yesterday, I travelled from Pereira to Bogotá! It was easy.
I left home at 10am, went to the centre of Cuba in order to print out my boarding pass for the flight, I had a coffee and then took a bus to the airport for my flight at 13.40. I had to take two buses to get to the airport, one is the big articulated bus which goes to the centre of Pereira and the other is a "feeder" bus. There is a bus terminal called "El Viajero" and it is like a hub between routes. The journey on the feeder bus to the airport was awful. The airport and runway are on a raised plateau and the bus coming from the airport takes a clockwise route which I know well, having travelled by taxi. But the bus going to the airport goes around the west side of the runway and the road is so bad the bus is going at about 15 - 20 km/hour. 
Anyway, here I am in Bogotá and it is great! I visited the Museo Nacional de Colombia which is right next to my hotel until closing time at 6pm, then had a beer in a local bar and then had a meal in a restaurant next to the hotel. I will explain the photo of the wine.. I was very close to people at the table to my right. A guy leaned over, knocked over the menu with his elbow which in turn knocked over the wine rather like dominoes. But the waitress seemed to expect me to buy another glass of wine to replace the wine which was now on the floor. I am afraid I resorted to English. "Hey, come on!" I said, hands outstretched in a French style. She conferred with a colleague and they generously replaced my half-full glass of wine. Note that I said, "half-full," because I am a glass-half-full person!
Today (Friday) I went to an immigration office to enquire about getting a visa and cedula extranjero but it is all done online these days. Then I took a leisurely walk down Calle 7, from which I took the photos. The indian guy singing was brilliant, he put his heart and soul into his music. Now (3pm) I am going back to the National Museum because I didn't have much time last night. They have a special exhibition about indigenous people in Colombia and I want to re-visit that. I added some more photos from today to the end of this post.

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