Wednesday, 21 February 2018

From Pereira to Bogotá

Tuesday 20th: I am in the departure lounge in Pereira Airport waiting for my Avianca flight to Bogotá. I just moved to a different seat but I can still hear a woman ranting angrily into her phone, I wish she would shut up. In the UK, someone would go up to her and tell her to shut up but the Colombians, like the Spanish, seem to be very tolerant.
Next week, I will also be taking an Avianca plane to Bogotá (in one of the big seats at the front!) but this time with my suitcase and bike in the hold, on my way back to Europe. I am sure I will feel very sad but not sure how much of that will be about my affection for Nini and how much because I love Colombia. And Pereira has a little bit of magic about it despite not being particularly beautiful. Cuba is plain ugly!

I planned to go directly from home to the airport but there were some items of clothing which I forgot to buy yesterday in the centre of Pereira. I am tending to buy a lot of female clothes these days. Obviously not very feminine things but women's clothes are much more beautiful and the colours more attractive (I love Stradivarius). The shop assistants are so nice about it and are interested in me. One even came to the changing room with me to give advice! So I tell friends now that I am a little bit trans, I love my female side. These days, I can be more open about it but I hope I don't shock my friends in the UK who have known me for many years! By the way, trans doesn't mean gay! I still hope for a gf one day.
So, Monday afternoon I went to visit an estate agent to view a flat but it was not suitable and I've more or less decided not to buy or rent a house here. And then at 3pm, I had arranged to meet Nini's husband Alex in order to pay their last rental, after which I stop helping them. I had asked that he met me alone because I fell out with his beautiful volcanic wife last Thursday and I really don't want to see her again. She was there but we didn't speak, apart from my saying that I wasn't expecting to see her. We went to their landlord's bank and I paid the bill which was about €100. While we waited in the queue, Alex gave me my phone back, removing his SIM. His phone screen was broken and useless, so I had lent him my Samsung J1 pro-tem for the past few weeks.
When we came out of the bank, he said that he had arranged to call Nini to meet her but of course he no longer had a phone. So he had to use mine! We then parted company and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the centre before returning home.

Dateline, Wednesday 21st Feb
This is the view from my hotel room at 8.30am in Bogotá and I will now go out and find some breakfast, I don't like the Ibis breakfast so I may go back to a waffle and crêpe shop where I stopped off yesterday afternoon for tea. As you may be able to see, it is bright and sunny but, as I have said before, Bogotá is much cooler than Pereira. But it warms up when the sun is out. I plan to go back to the museum at Banco de la Republica because I ran out of time last time. The journey yesterday was very easy. When I arrived at Bogotá Airport, I knew which bus I needed and I had a plastic card from last time. So, in no time at all, I was having tea and a delicious pancake near to the hotel, I hadn't even bothered to check in.

In a previous version of this post, I explained the final falling out with Nini (cooking a supper for seven) but I decided that you were tired hearing about her. I will never stop having great affection for her because obviously there is a cause inside her for the way she is. Sometimes she is quite charming! I worry what will happen to them because her sister and her two young children are also living with them and there is very little money coming in. Alex had to go back for another operation on his shoulder yesterday which is obviously rather worrying. I warned him when he was hacking up a pig carcass just before the New Year that he risked damaging his shoulder before the ligaments were fully repaired. These things need total rest. Of course, I am not saying that is the reason for the second operation but I'm sure it didn't exactly help the recovery process!
Now for some brekkers!

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